God’s Seed

The entirety of Ps 22 is a Messianic psalm that in the first 21 verses of
the chapter speaks of the suffering Messiah. In v22 the Psalmist begins a
victorious refrain and begins to speak of the future glory of the Messiah
that He acquires as a result of His humiliation. The preeminence of the
Messiah is seen in His leading the universal congregation in the praise of
Jehovah (v22, 25). The complete dominion of Jehovah over the earth of the
future is described (23-28). V29 speaks of the Judgment where the
righteous enjoy the wedding supper of the Lamb, all those who had been
dead in the dust bow down before Jehovah, along with those who cannot keep
their soul alive, that is, those condemned to Gehenna. Following the
Judgment a Seed shall serve the Father. The seed will be the source of
all posterity (“it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation”).

As I studied the statement regarding the Seed, I was struck with the
seminal nature of the Messiah and the incredible work that God wrought
through a single Seed. The entire earth was corrupted with sin (Rom
5:12). Man was doomed to death (Rom 3:23, 6:23) and the creation over
which man ruled was brought into bondage through man’s transgression (Rom
8:20-21, Gen 3:17). Heaven itself was corrupted due to rebellion and sin
(Job 25:5, 4:18, 15:15, Rev 12:4, 7). Out of the morass of wickedness in
a creation sunk into ruinous rebellion, God rescues and restores it all
through one single Seed (Gal 3:16). The Father plants one single Seed in
Mary’s womb (Lk 1:35) and from this one God-Seed He brings forth life and
peace and all generations for heaven and earth for eternity (Ps 22:30).
The Seed becomes the means of all rising from the dead (II Tim 1:10, I Cor
15:45). The Seed brings many sons to glory (Heb 2:10). The Seed restores
peace and harmony to the earth and the creation (Acts 3:21, Rom 8:23).
The Seed purifies the things in heaven (Heb 9:23-24). Out of a creation
sunk into hopelessness of sin and death God restored it all with a single
Seed! What incredible wisdom and power! The single Seed becomes the
means of all posterity unto the Lord for ever (Ps 22:30) as the kingdom
of God’s Christ increases without bounds forever more (Isa 9:7). Truly,
the generations sprung from the One Seed “shall come, and shall declare
his righteousness unto a people that shall be born, that he hath done
this” (Ps 22:31).

About James Johnson

Bible student for 60 years. Preacher of the gospel for over 40 years. Author of commentary on Revelation, All Power to the Lamb. Married with children. Worked in aerospace and computer engineering for over 40 years.
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