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James Johnson has been a preacher and Bible class teacher since 1962. He has preached in congregations from Maryland to California and from Alabama to Maine. He has preached on three continents and been a missionary to the Ukraine, Nigeria, and the Philippines. His active gospel ministry, like Paul’s, has often been sustained by “making tents”. He is currently the minister at a small church in Dayton, OH.

James is an accomplished scientist and engineer with a master’s degree in meteorology from Texas A&M University, and a bachelor’s degree from the USAF Academy with numerous continuing education courses from institutions such as UC Berkeley, the Air Force Institute of Technology, Sinclair Community College, and Wright State University.

During his multi-faceted career he has worked in aviation, weather forecasting, maintenance, electro-optics, electronic warfare, retail, banking, engineering development, artificial intelligence, trucking, railroads, product development, software development, and logistics. He is the general editor of six proceedings on the aerospace applications of artificial intelligence, and he was granted approval for one patent.

He has written one children’s book, and is the author of a commentary on Revelation, All Power to the Lamb, Volumes I and II on which he has spent ten years in research, analysis, and composition.

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2 Responses to About James

  1. Tammy samet says:

    Your pray chain for Trump has seemed to have ended in 2018. It is critical that Christian a praying around the clock, now that they are trying to impeach the President and sent is due process rights denies the republicians witness and stops there questioning. They will not allow this impeachment to get to the truth. With the car left socialist 2020 candidates praying for Trump and a second term is critical or we will see the end of the United States as we know it. I am asking if you would be willing to get the prayer chain going again. If for some reason that is not possible, can I get your permission to copy your prays so I my try to get the prayer chain going again.

    • Yes, Tammy, my chain lost support in 2018, but I continued to pray for Trump every day. Intercessors for America is praying a lot for him now. There are others that are praying for him now. God bless!

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