A Chronological Outline of Revelation in Graphical Form

The following diagram shows how the chapters of Revelation relate in a chronological fashion.  Revelation is not chronologically sequential as many dispensationalists (e.g. Clarence Larkin, The Book of Revelation, 1919) suppose.  The diagram shows that most of Revelation is about the 7th seal where Jesus exercises His power over the course of human history.  The seventh seal has three parallel prophetic histories.  These prophetic plans relate to the three major groups of men for whom God has given laws (Rev 8-22).  They are Israel (8-14), the nations (15-19), and Christians (20-22).  Christ exercises His God given authority over the powers of the seven seals in parallel throughout the time of His reign.  He exercises all power in heaven and on earth (Mt 28:18) during the time between the coronation in chapter 5 and the judgment in chapter 20.  Chapters 21-22 show Christ victorious and His suffering bride, the church, glorified in eternity.

Chronological Harmony of Revelation

Chronological Harmony of Revelation

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