Is the Day of Jacob’s Trouble Near?

I have written before regarding “the time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer 30:7), but how do we know that Jeremiah’s prophecy has any relevance for today? Obviously, current events would have to fit precisely with Bible prophecy, and that is what I see .  In addition to current events matching Bible prophecy, however, there is the fact that a man is standing up and telling people what the global elitists plan to do.  A man named Lindsey Williams, a Baptist preacher, was a chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline back in the 70s when the elites were bring oil down from the North Slope.  The elites really liked what Lindsey did back then for the men working on the pipeline, and they started bringing Lindsey into their council meetings, and he got to know some of the insiders and got to hear what they are planning.  He maintained his contacts over the years with a couple of these guys, and one of his closest acquaintances is now facing cancer and death.  This elitist has been confiding in Lindsey and feeding him inside information about the plans of the elites. 

Lindsey has published some videos he made regarding the information he got. One very interesting aspect of their plan is that the elites are working to make China the strong one. You can see that in what our politicians and bankers (two names for the same guys) have done with respect to China. Lindsey also said that the elites plan on a war between Iran and Israel in February-March 2011, and that is what I believe will be the day of Jacob’s trouble. As a minium the outcome of such a war will mean the cessation of shipping from the oil fields in the Middle East through the Persian Gulf, which in addition to the extremely fragile state of the world economy will cause an economic collapse world wide. The loss of oil will cause famine, riots, and bloodshed as trucks to move food and tractors to plant and grow it will not have fuel. Tunisia and Egypt are just the beginning. In addition to the loss of oil for an indeterminate period of time, there is a strong liklihood that Iran will use an EMP against the US. They have tested both the triggering device for detonation at altitude and the ship launch capability for such a device. Even a Scud has the ability to put nuclear device up to an altitude of 150 miles, and the Russians have recently developed a cargo container for ship launnched missiles. Every container cargo ship on the sea is now a potential warship, since these missiles can be concealed and launched from these containers. An EMP against the US would have the same effect as cutting off the Persian Gulf oil, except the onset of civil unrest would be a lot faster.

There are some compelling reasons why Iran would use an EMP. One is a religious reason. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad serves a Shia ayatollah that believes in the return of the twelfth Mahdi. The prophecy of the twelfth Mahdi predicts that he will return during an apocalypse to usher in an era of peace and plenty in a world dominated by Islam. Ahmadinejad believes that if he sets off a world war in an exchange of nuclear weapons, the twelfth Mahdi will return and Islam’s golden age will begin. Another reason why an EMP will likely be employed, is that such an attack would eviscerate Iran’s enemy, the USA, and it would cut off much of the US support to Israel. When Iran attacks Israel, it will result in an exchange of nukes, so Iran would not be deterred by being the first to use nukes. If they threaten Israel’s very existence, Israel will use nuclear weapons. An EMP attack on the US would also open the way for Islam to take over the world when the twelfth Mahdi returned. The effects would be immediate and apocalyptic, just as Ahmadinejad desires.

Obviously, such an attack as we describe has severe implications for Israel, and the Bible has much to say about it, because it is the day in Israel’s history that prefigures the coming of Christ at the end of the world. On the day that Iran attacks Israel, Israel will be bathed in fire and will come close to ceasing to exist.

The Bible calls it the time of Jacob’s trouble, and it describes the day in Isaiah 3, 4, 10, 17, Jeremiah 30 and Psalms 83. Psalms 83 has a list of countries that ally themselves to attack Israel. Although it uses the ancient names for Israel’s enemies, it describes the exact nations that exist around Israel today including Syria, Iraq, Iran, (Syria, Iraq and Iran are all included in ancient Assyria), Lebanon, Jordan, and Gaza. Notably missing from the list is Egypt. It will not attack and it will not be destroyed, and that is exactly the way that it looks today. Two nations in the list are surprising. One is Iraq. However, recent reports coming out of the Middle East show that behind the scenes Iran and Iraq are becoming allies. Iraq will supply support for the attack. Likewise Jordan has made public statements to the effect that it will cast its lot with Iran if no progress is made on peace with Israel. The Bible says Jordan will also participate with the Iranian alliance. The pro-Western government in Lebanon has recently fallen to the pro-Iranian terrorist group Hezbullah. With this coup, Lebanon has essentially become a client state of Iran. Lebanon will also participate in the attack.

Not too long ago I got an intelligence assessment from an Israeli news source, the Emet Report. The ssessment gives a very rosy assessment of Israel’s security situation, but it gives me an opportunity to show that the Bible prediction dovetails with the actual situation in Israel as it exists today, except the Bible’s prediction of what will actually happen is much more plausible. What follows is the actual report as I got it with my remarks enclosed in square brackets.

Israel Digs In For the Big One
Israel has ordered its military to fortify critical military installations against missile and rocket attack. This would mean a lot more underground (or partially so) storage facilities [A line of fortifications already exists along the border between Lebanon and Syria, but they are talking about making it stronger. This situation of fortifications is described in the Bible as the fortress in Ephraiam (northern Israel). The Bible says these fortifications will cease after the Iranian attack]. Last year the military was ordered to disperse its stocks of supplies, equipment and spare parts to a larger number of (better protected) locations. This fortification program will begin next year. [This is too little, too late. The Bible says the Iranian alliance will launch a surprise attack after sunset, but the massive assault will only last until sunrise the next day. Lindsey Williams says it scheduled for February 2011.]

All this is old news for Israeli civilians. Fourteen years ago, Israel decided to upgrade its civil defense arrangements. As part of that effort, they passed a law mandating that new houses have at least one “bomb proof” safe room, to be used as a shelter during rocket attacks. To add such a room to existing houses costs about $25,000 per home. But the danger is growing, and for the last five years Israel has accelerated the upgrading of defenses against rocket and missile attack. [These preparations will probably help the 2-5% that the Bible describes surviving the attack. However, the large cities of Haifa, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv are to be reduced to heaps of ruins.]

In addition to rockets fired by Hamas and Hezbollah, there is also concern that Syria would fire larger, and longer range, rockets armed with explosive or chemical warheads. Hamas has several thousand, mostly short (under 20 kilometers range) rockets stockpiled, while Hezbollah up in Lebanon is believed to have 40,000 rockets stored and ready to fire near the Israeli border. But Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria also have over 1,500 larger rockets that can reach anywhere in Israel. [The Bible describes the time when these missiles are used to create a judgement by fire. It says the cities of Israel will be reduced to heaps. ]

Syria has underground storage and launch facilities for its arsenal of over a thousand SCUD missiles [The Scuds are liquid fueled and require 30 minutes to fuel and arm. The underground bunkers will give the crews time to prepare these for launch]. Armed with half ton high explosive or cluster bomb warheads [or nuclear. Iran knows Israel will respond with the “Samson Option” when its very existence is threatened as Iran has said that it plans, and as the Bible says the alliance conspires to achieve. The “Samson Option” is to use the nukes and take as many enemies with them as possible as they go down, even as Samson killed 3000 of his enemies when he died pulling the house down on them]. The missiles have ranges of 500-700 kilometers. Syria also has some 90 older Russian Frog-7 missiles (70 kilometer range, half ton warhead) and 210 more modern Russian SS-21 missiles (120 kilometer range, half ton warhead) operating with mobile launchers. There are also 60 mobile SCUD launchers. The Syrians have a large network of camouflaged launching sites for the mobile launchers. Iran and North Korea have helped Syria build underground SCUD manufacturing and maintenance facilities. The Syrian missiles are meant to hit Israeli airfields, missile launching sites and nuclear weapons sites, as well as population centers [The major Israeli cities will be reduced to ruins. Destruction will be utter.]. Syria hopes to do enough damage with a missile strike to cripple Israeli combat capability [They will do enormous damage to Israel, but Israel will get off enough of a response to nuke Damascaus. The longest continuously inhabited city in the world will become an uninhabited ruin after this day. Syria will cease to be a nation. Likewise Amman and other Jordanian cities will cease to exist].

Currently, the Israelis estimate that there would be as many as 3,300 Israeli casualties (including up to 200 dead) [This is incredibly optimistic. The Bible describes the result of the attack like this, “Yet some gleanings will remain, as when an olive tree is beaten, leaving two or three olives on the topmost branches, four or five on the fruitful boughs.” What’s left in a tree after it is harvested is probably 2-5% of the total, and that implies about 5.5 million Israelis will perish in this conflagration.] if Syria tried to use its long range missiles and explosive warheads against Israel. If the Syrians used chemical warheads [The Bible describes a situation that is probably the result of nuclear war. It says the survivors will be bald, scabby, and have urinary tract problems. These are all symptoms of radiation poisoning or flash burns. Also, it says the major cities of Israel will be reduced to heaps. It would be hard to do that in one night without the use of nuclear weapons. It is unlikely that Iran would attempt a war that it knew would go nuclear unless it had acquired enough nukes to make a nuclear first strike against Israel’s strength and thus limit damage to Iranian assets], Israeli casualties could be as high as 16,000 [Their casualties will be 5-6 million]. Over 200,000 Israelis would be left homeless [there will be hardly anything left standing. What the nukes don’t knock down will burn], and it’s believed about a 100,000 would seek to leave the country.
[The Bible describes the situation as much worse. After the attack Israel will be like this:
“A man will seize one of his brothers at his father’s home, and say, “You have a cloak, you be our leader; take charge of this heap of ruins!” But in that day he will cry out, “I have no remedy. I have no food or clothing in my house; do not make me the leader of the people.” Jerusalem staggers, Judah is falling; their words and deeds are against the LORD, defying his glorious presence.” Storm, your opinion of some of the things that Israel has done match God’s description of them in this verse].

[End of the Emet Report]

The Iranian (Assyrian) attack will be so devastating that they will get as far as Jerusalem when God intervenes and turns them back. Several places describe a terrific storm that comes up against the invaders and drives them away just as they enter the outskirts of Jerusalem. The rout will be so utter that Israel, though devastated, will gain control over the land from northern Lebanon to the border of Egypt and the Red Sea on the south, and from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and the Persian Gulf. Israel will gain peace with all its enemies for about 20 years, and Isarel will possess most of their lands. There will be a second ingathering from Jews all over the world so that none will be left anywhere but Israel. It appears that God’s visible presence will be with Israel after this day in the form of the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night that will appear over and protect Jerusalem. Israel will be repopulated and Israel will rebuild the temple. The prophets will reappear, and they will turn Israel back to complete service to God.

Meanwhile, the elites are intent on Israel’s total destruction. They are overtly and covertly assisting Iran and its allies. They have stood by and permitted Hezbullah to take over Lebanan and turn it into an Iranian client state. They are backing unrest in all of the pro-Western Arab states.  They have deterred Israel from attacking and destroying Iran. They have permitted Iran to acquire the necessary materials to build a nuclear arsenal. While they are building Iran up, they are tearing the US down. They are importing Muslims into America to transplant a hostile Muslim counterculture in the heart of the world’s last major Christian civilization. They have worked tirelessly to remove as much Christian influence as possible from our country and destroy or compromise the principles that made America strong. They are utterly ruining our economy by pursuing policies that they KNOW will end in complete economic collapse. In this way they will destroy the capability of the American military by destroying its logistics base, and they will thin America’s population by starvation and civil unrest. Recent activity in the Comex shows that their plan to collapse the American economy is close at hand. Both the gold and silver Comex are showing signs of extreme shortages. The fact that the gold Comex has had hardly any metal movements into the Comex vaults during the last month when they should have been preparing for deliveries of futures in February shows that gold is scarce. The silver Comex appears to be taking dramatic steps to prevent backwardation from taking hold in their options market, and their action shows that a real shortage of silver exists. The action of the bullion banks over the past few days indicates that they are fighting a holding action to forestall collapse for just a short time longer. Their actions are brazen, unprecedented, and cannot be sustained over the long term, because the terrific short positions they are creating to move the markets will utterly destroy them financially in the long term. In addition, they pursue brazenly obvious market manipulation while at the same time they face 24 civil suits alleging market manipulation. These suits alone could result in their financial ruin, and they ignore these existential threats to pursue a reckless course that is only profitable in the very short term. Their course cannot be sustained, so they know the end is at hand. They are probably in the process of looting the last of the gold and siver that they can acquire. Iranian warships have entered the Mediterranean, Iranian midget submaries have proabably been deployed, and regime threatening riots are breaking out world wide. Like Janet Napolitano, chief of Homeland Security, said, “Something big is about to happen”, and as Storm said, “There is nothing in the way and there are no brakes. A vertiginous drop is inevitable and unstoppable…Far, far below the peak, the track disappeared into a boiling mass of black cloud.”

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