Rev 15:2 — Music in Ancient Israel as a Type

In Rev 15:2 we see the redeemed in heaven having the harps of God, and
in the following verse they sing the song of Moses. The singing and
playing in these verses reminds us of the choir (I Chr 15:16) and
orchestra in the ancient temple of God (Ps 150:1-6). In the Jewish
temple worship God prescribed both singing and playing, and in heaven,
which the Jewish worship foreshadowed (Col 2:16-17), we see it once
again. In the present age we are strangers and pilgrims in a strange
land (Heb 11:3, I Pet 2:11), and living in exile we have, as it were,
like the ancient Jewish exiles, hung our harps on the willows (Ps
137:2). Christian worship uses the grateful songs of the heart in
praise to God (Col 3:16, Eph 5:19). Because we are estranged from
the house of God in our present age, our worship is simple. In the
world to come where we will never more be cut off from the house of
God (Rev 3:12), our worship will once again enjoy the fullness and
richness of the music made by the instruments of both God and man.
The NT music worship of the saints is commanded to be “sing and make
melody in your hearts” (Eph 5:19). In heaven God’s singers once again
are accompanied by instruments of music.

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