Are Aliens Real? How Do They Relate to Christianity?

Are aliens real?  How do they relate to Christianity?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Everything that’s here is a creation of God.  He said that He created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is in six days (Ex 20:11).  On the sixth day, God created Adam.  God gave him dominion over the earth and everything on it.  In contrast to God’s fiat creation (God said, and it was so), the alien idea is based on the theory of evolution.  That theory was begun by and has been propagated by the elitists to undermine Christianity.  The alien idea stems from the theory that life evolves from non-life; therefore, it must have happened at many times and places in eternity past according to the theory of evolution.  But evolution is counter to what the Bible says–God created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is in six days.

This present creation has a purpose.  Long-term, God made the earth because He delights in exercising lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness, but those qualities require that there be other beings to be the objects toward which God can show lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness.  Further, the exercise of these qualities requires that the objects of God’s actions be rational beings of free will.  Otherwise it would be God showing lovingkindness to an ornate fence post, that is, a living creature without free will that could do nothing other than what it was programmed to do, exactly like a fence post.  Therefore, if God is to be able to exercise those qualities in which He delights and for which He created the universe, He needs sentient creatures similar to Himself, and these creatures must have free will, or else He just has a big video game, and it would not be worth it to Him to do it.

So, to get what He enjoys, God has to create a world with creatures that have free will, but if He does, sooner or later the free-will creature will say, “No!”.  Then, unless God has a solution for disobedience, He either has injustice where transgression is not punished, or He loses His creation, because they are alienated from Him due to their disobedience and because of the absence of a just punishment for their disobedience of the Creator.  To solve the problem posed by creatures of free will, God designed and created a throw-away age in which He could let disobedience run rampant and show its utter destructiveness;  He could show that men need God to provide them good government, because they can’t govern themselves; and most importantly He could provide a just solution for transgression (law breaking) that springs from free will.

To handle the problem of a just penalty for sin, He created a physical world and a man creature composed of two parts: body and spirit.  He composed the creature such that the spirit could leave the flesh and the departure of the spirit would result in a condition for the body called “death”.  Then He made the wages of transgression to be death.  Then through one man (Adam) He brought sin into the world, and through that one man He brought universal death, even on the creation over which Adam ruled (Rom 5:12, 8:22).  At the same time God made it impossible for men to live without disobedience (1 Ki 8:46), and He made it impossible for the children of Adam to die for their own transgressions by condemning all of Adam’s children to death as part of Adam’s punishment for disobedience (Gen 3:14).  At that point, there was absolutely nothing men could do to save themselves or atone for transgression.  It remained for God to bring in the Creator of the universe (Christ Jesus, Jn 1:1-3) from outside of time and space (Jn 8:58) and have Him die for the transgressions of His creation.  That satisfied the justice of God.  The legal remedy for transgression was paid–death, and the Creator is worth more than that which He created and His death was therefore a legal remedy for all of the sins (past, present and future) for the beings which He created.  Since God planned to raise men’s bodies from the dead (Ro 8:11)  and to continue the earth forever (Ecc 1:4) there is continuity in the same creation where the remedy for sin was derived, and God therefore had legal remedy for all transgressions for all eternity.  When God gets all He wants out of the present age, He can end it, and start afresh with cleansed heavens and a restored earth in which righteousness lives (2 Pe 3:13) and for which He now has a perpetual remedy (Christ’s blood) for any transgression that happens in eternity.  He can justly punish the transgressor with a temporal (time delimited) punishment.  He does not have to lose a disobedient creature for eternity.

If there are alien races, then the same problem of sin and death, justice, and free will obtains with all of them.  It is difficult to see how they could fall under the universal law of sin and death that was introduced by Adam and imposed on Adam’s children and the creation over which he ruled because of Adam’s transgression (Rom 5:12).  Because of Adam’s transgression, the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now (Rom 8:22).  How did the aliens come to be in pain as a result of Adam’s sin?  Why would they have to die because of what Adam did?  Therefore it is difficult to see how Christ’s sacrificial death would benefit them.   The whole scheme of redemption flows through Adam’s fall (one man) and Christ’s restoration (one man) of Adam’s children through His dying for every man descended from Adam and thereby overcoming sin and death.  This does not work for aliens that evolved millions of years before Adam appeared or who were the originators of some pan spermia that provided the germ to start life on earth.

God is going to remove the present starry heavens and replace them with a new heavens (Heb 1:10-12, Ps 102:25-26, 2 Pe 3:10-13).  However, aliens are said to inhabit the planets among the stars, but that portion of God’s creation is to be rolled up (Heb 1:12) and burned up (2 Pet 3:10-13) without any promise of a redeemer and any hope.  Further, in the world to come, God promises to raise the bodies of dead back to life and to give His sons (the ones that obey Him in this life) dominion over the nations in the world to come (Rev 2:28, 3:21, 2 Co 6:2, Mt 19:28).  One of the things He promises the faithful is “the morning star” (Rev 2:28).  It appears that the sons of God inherit habitable planets populated with people raised from the dead who were counted worthy to receive everlasting life (Mt 25:34).  However, the habitable planets are the places that aliens are supposed to be, but God’s promise is to put men on them and put His sons over them.  These things argue against man-like aliens in God’s creation.

There are other beings out there besides men, but they are involved in one way or another with men and God’s scheme of redemption.  Men are the focal point in creation, because they enable the demonstration of free will, and they enable the demonstration of the wretchedness of evil, and they made possible physical death, and men provided the means whereby God could justly forgive disobedience.   Men provided a realm where there could be a physical body the Creator could assume, such that it was possible for Him to die for His creation (Heb 10:5) and thereby atone for sin.  There are also many orders of angels, but they are created beings, just like men (Ex 20:11).  Angels were created to support men (He 1:14).  Though the angels are immortal, they have been involved with men in sin and death.  The Devil, a created being. came down to earth and tempted man to sin in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:1).  This fallen angel is directly responsible for the death of all men.  About 700 years later there were 200 angels that left heaven and sinfully came to earth (Jude 1:6) where the their giant children caused such sinful conditions (Gen 6:5) that God ultimately destroyed the earth in the Flood (Gen 6:7).  God will punish the fallen, created being, Satan, along with his angels, with the second death (Rev 20:14).  Their punishment will be eternal suffering in the lake of fire (Mt 25:41).  The angels that sinned are to be cast into the Abyss where they will be consciously punished for ever.

There are principalities and powers whose duties involve such things as command over orders of angels or care of God’s zoological gardens or command of some force such as government, war, commerce, death, or the temporary place of the dead (Hades).  There are creatures that maintain the order of the creation such as the timely appearance of heavenly bodies (Jude 1:13) and such as operation of the forces on earth (Jer 49:36).  Others provide punishment to the damned (Rev 9:3).  There are orders that directly serve God in service to Him in heaven such as guards and retinue (cherubim and seraphim).  All of these angels are connected in some way with God’s plan centered on man.  There were even creatures like centaurs, cyclops, sirens, and giants in days past, but these all sprang from God’s original creation centered around man and descended from men or angels.

There is no mention of aliens in God’s record nor does there seem to be a place where they could fit into God’s plan, so I don’t believe these accounts of aliens.  The accounts are either false psyops to prepare men to believe in a planned fake alien invasion, or they are genuine observations of secret technology, or they could occasionally be observations of creatures from the spirit realm such as demons, angels or ghosts or maybe even time travelers from the future come back to see first hand (read only, no changes) what God has done in His plan for men.

These are the reasons why I don’t believe in aliens, but God’s plan does not seem to allow for myriads of alien races that are peers of men.  Also, it appears to me that if there were aliens they would already have plainly revealed themselves to men, and there would be no doubt of their existence, just like there is no doubt of the existence of LA or New York City.


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