The Cycle of the Time and the Emergence of the 7th World Empire

Martin Armstrong has released an article in which he expands upon his theory of cycles. He believes the cycle-time of the public ascendency has now given way to a time of the private ascendency. He sees a time of stuggle and chaos as the governments strive to maintain their power.

Armstrong does not believe there is any conspiracy, but if the public gives rise to the private, by necessity there is a conspiracy to overcome the power of the states. They will not give it up of their own volition. The history he presents from the 1300s till the present is rife with conspiracies of all sorts, yet he denies there is one today. Either Martin is a co-conspirator fallen into disfavor, or he is as blinded by the web of deceit of the elites as those he seeks to enlighten. His denial of a conspiracy does not make any sense.

I believe in cycles. The Bible says, “To every thing there is a season” (Ecc 1:3-8), and then describes various cycles. In another place Ezekiel shows that God operates with wheels within wheels (Ezk 1:16-21), that is, He uses cycles of various sorts and lengths. So, cycles are to be expected in a world He created, and Armstrong’s presentation of the 309.6 year cycle that alternates between public and private dominating forces makes sense from the aspect of the way things work.

IMO, what we are seeing is the emergence of a 7th world empire. Armstrong says it will be private rather than public. How does that work? In the times when the private dominated, the power was focused in private enterprise rather than the kings. During the Middle Ages it was the barons and their baronies that were the centers of power. Central government was rather weak. During the great period of exploration in the time of private ascendency from 1400-1600 there were great companies that arose and wielded great power throughout this era. During the last 300 years we have seen the rise of great nation-states and they have now consolidated power to the point that they threaten the very economies on which they depend.

The empire that is emerging is one controlled by private corporations rather than the state, and that fits well with Armstrong’s cycle . An important point that I think he missed is that the rise of the private force does not equate to personal liberty and good for the people. The corporate tyrant can be as ruthless as any monarch, and the fact that these corporations are the beneficiaries of the cycle of history does nothing to lessen the malevolent motivation behind them. The corporations may well return to sound economic policies, but they seek to have the freedom for themselves with the people as their serfs. The good of the people is not their agenda.

This is not to say that capitalism is evil; it is not. Capitalism is the freedom of individuals to make their own choices and to live with the consequences. Each individual making the choices in accordance with law results in the most efficient utilization of resources and the best results for society as a whole. It is the unlawful abuse of capitalism that is evil, and this evil destroys the personal freedom of the individual and his ability to choose economically and thereby damages society as a whole.

I say there is a conspiracy, or the time of government ascendency would not end, but the private power that arises will not be to the benefit of the people. My hope is that the US of A by virture of its residual faith will escape some of the ravages of this hostle private force that is being unleashed against the world.

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