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Drawing prophetic meaning from historical events or people that are shadows of other more significant events

The Six Days Of Creation Predict Six Thousand-Year Days From Adam To the Second Coming

On the day of Pentecost when the church was established, Peter delivered the first gospel sermon and he quoted from Joel chapter 2 and said the world is now in the last days.  In the account of Peter’s sermon in … Continue reading

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Is It Valid to Use Old Testament Commands as Types?

A correspondant responded to the article on using Old Testament commands as types: I guess it is fun to speculate, but you don’t teach this as doctrine, do you? You can never be positive with types, but I believe what … Continue reading

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Adam’s Death Shows That God Views 1000 Years as a Day

I have taken a lot of heat for daring to assert that II Pet 3:8 might mean what it says, that is, a 1000 earth years is a day to God. Some expositors want to make Peter’s words mean that … Continue reading

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Rev 15:2 — Music in Ancient Israel as a Type

In Rev 15:2 we see the redeemed in heaven having the harps of God, and in the following verse they sing the song of Moses. The singing and playing in these verses reminds us of the choir (I Chr 15:16) … Continue reading

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The Type of the Promised Land

There is no parallel between God giving the childen of Israel the Land of Canaan for ever and our promised rest if the Jews do not ever keep it forever (Isa 60:21). If they get it and lose it, it … Continue reading

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Israel: A Type of Christianity

As I was reflecting upon the error of the premillennialists and their claim that God was foiled in His plan to establish the kingdom when Christ came, it occurred to me that there was a contingency plan associated with the … Continue reading

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