Is There a Parallel Between Lk 21:20-24 and Revelation 11

Don Preston tries to make Lk 21:20-24 in Jesus’ discussion of the Destruction of Jerusalem parallel with Revelation 11 that describes the Beast taking Jerusalem and killing God’s two witnesses at the time of Jesus’ Second Coming.  He compares a list of features from Luke 21 with a list of features from Revelation 11 and tries to conclude that both passages refer to the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem.  He tries to make both Luke 21 and Revelation to refer to Babylon when neither one refers to Babylon, for “Babylon” is a description of Rome and its apostate religion (Rev 17:9, 18). 

Luke 21 Revelation  11          James’ Comments
Indictment  of Jerusalem (Lk 21:22) Indictment of Babylon Nothing in Rev 11 says or implies “Babylon”.  There is no link here.
Persecutor of the saints                            Persecutor of the saints Rev 11 describes an invasion of Jerusalem in which some people there are killed.  Killing people during an invasion is not the persecution of the saints.  There is no link here.
Doomed to destruction at hands of Gentiles Doomed to destruction at hands of Gentiles Jerusalem was not destroyed in Revelation 11.  It was captured. Also  Egypt, Edom and Tyre are doomed to destruction at the hands of the Gentiles.  Does this prove that Egypt, Edom, and Tyre are Babylon and are the same as the Destruction of Jerusalem?  There is no link here.
Judgment after world mission (Mark 13:10)
Judgment after world mission (14:6f)
Mk 13:10 and Rev 14:6 are parallel.  One is a type of the other.  Mk 13 was where the gospel went forth during Paul’s day (Col 1:23).  Rev 14:6 happens at the end of the age.
Trodden down until times of Gentiles fulfilled Trodden down for 42 months How can you say all prophecy was fulfilled at the DOJ when this prophecy goes on for centuries after the DOJ before it is fulfilled?  No link here.
That generation                                        Shortly and at hand  What generation?  The expression “this generation” follows the parable of the fig tree where He speaks of the fig tree budding.  THEN He says, “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” The fig tree is Israel.  The budding is when they show signs of life after long dormancy.  No link here.

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