Will Goodness Prevail Before the End of the World

A correspondant wrote:
Perhaps I have too much faith in the Hope of humanity. I guess I believe that Goodness will prevail over Evil. I do believe there are good people all over the world. I think that goodness cannot be enslaved forever. I do believe in Justice. Perhaps the good people of the World may surprise us.

James replies:
People from the beginning of the world have been pretty good as long as they were left alone. The problem is that there is an evil power that was not willing to let them alone. That power is still working today. It is working harm on men to bring about the last of 7 world empires, as has been advertised. This power subverts or attempts to subvert every good institution of man.

IMO, the seven world empires that will exist on earth before the end of time were designed to show that no form of government will work in a world where man is left to himself. You know; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps. When it becomes obvious that all attempts of man to govern himself in whatever form bring disaster, then God will step in and provide good government forever, but that will not happen until all forms of self-government have been shown to be abject failures. The abject failure of all forms of government of the present age will serve as a lasting object lesson for all future generations to show that government from man alone is runaway locomotive on a mountain railway. God will fix it, but not until it descends into a bloodbath of total oppression and moral destitution.

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