Rev 5 — Christ Is At the Controls of the Universe

I think that I Cor 15:24-28 and Rev 5 make it plain that Christ is actually
controlling the universe right now. He is seated with God at God’s right
hand (Acts 2:33, Rev 3:21). The major point of Rev 5 is Christ assuming all
power in heaven and on earth, where He becomes “all in all” (Eph 1:23). At
the Judgment, Christ relinquishes the present authority that God has given
Him and the Father resumes His station as “all in all” (I Cor 15:28).
Christ then subordinates Himself to the Father for eternity (I Cor 15:28),
but is even then given power above every other being (Eph 1:21). These
changes in rulership are reflected in Rev by the sequence of who the elders
and four living creatures worship. In Rev 4 they worship the Father (Rev
4:10). In Rev 5 after the Lamb takes the scroll of all power, they worship
the Lamb (Rev 5:8). At the end of the world when Christ returns all power
to the Father, they again worship the Father (Rev 19:4).

When I was flying airplanes, we had pilot and instructor pilot positions and
other crew positions on our bomber. The instructor pilot was the senior man
on the airplane. Sometimes the instructor pilot was even the wing
commander. He sat in the instructor pilot position behind the pilot and the
pilot actually controlled the airplane. Sometimes they would swap seats and
the instructor pilot would then fly the airplane. What the pilot said was
law to the the rest of the crew when he was in the pilot’s seat, but the
instructor pilot was actually the senior man. He was just letting the pilot
fly the plane. I view what God is doing with Christ in a similar light.
Christ is flying the “plane” of the universe and He controls everything, but
even though He has all power in heaven and on earth, He does not rule over
God (I Cor 15:27). At the end of the world they will “swap seats” and God
will “fly” the universe from there on out.

About James Johnson

Bible student for 60 years. Preacher of the gospel for over 40 years. Author of commentary on Revelation, All Power to the Lamb. Married with children. Worked in aerospace and computer engineering for over 40 years.
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