The Dishonest Attitude of Some Toward the End Times


To Ron Bartanen:

I think people are actually afraid to have the end time topic investigated
too closely. They are afarid they will find that Foy Wallace for the most
part did not know what he was talking about, and they would be faced with the dilemma of changing or becoming dishonest.

My biggest complaint about end times is that people will not deal honestly with it. They start out with the assumption that most prophecy is “figurative”, and it turns into pursuit of fantasy. I say that because 1)
there is no real reason to declare the texts that they claim to be
figurative to actually be figurative 2) they have no basis for the
explanations that they offer to explain prophecy except that it has some
link in their mind. You can do word associations all day long, but that
does not mean that the link you came up with is what God had in mind. The explanation is therefore baseless unless you can find a Bible key.

Most of the time the prophecy is literal and they merely assume it to be
figurative. The problem is that the world-view, the gestalt, accepted by
the brethren as a basis, a framework, in which to understand prophecy will not admit a literal interpretation of many prophecies. Instead of taking the obvious course and rethinking their gestalt, they make the text to be figurative. You can at least superficially harmonize anything if you take it to be figurative. The problem is that the supposed explanation will not work if you analyze the context of the verse that is so interpreted.

The meaning of the passage in its context will not permit the explanation when you try to use it.

I hold the views dogmatically, but I don’t make them an issue of
fellowship or salvation. The views I hold on prophecy I arrived at on the
same basis I arrived at Christianity. I contend for them in the same way,
but hopefully not contentiously.

I also believe we are in the end times, and I look forward to Christ’s
return, but I dread what happens at the end times. It is a very bad time
for believers. It will be worse even than the first three centuries after
Christ. It is the antitype of the 10 plagues on Egypt and the antitype of
King Saul’s annihilation of the Amalekites. The end time plagues destroy
the earth like the 10 plagues destroyed Egypt. Believers will either
recant and serve the Devil (II Thes 2:11-12, Rev 13:14), die (Rev 13:15),
flee into the mountains (Lk 17:36), or go to Israel (Zech 14:2) before
Christ returns to save the remnant and destroy the wicked (Micah 2:12).

Christ will return when all seems hopeless and win a complete victory over the Devil and death. He will raise the elect, and we will participate
with Him in the destruction of the wicked earth (Rev 2:26-27, 19:14). The armies of Satan that are intent on destroying the last vestage of God’s people on earth at Bozrah (Jer 49:22) will be in for a very nasty surprise when Christ returns there with the armies of His saints to destroy the armies of Satan. The carnage will be very great (Rev 14:20, Isa 66:16).

He will destroy the 200,000,000 men and their perverted steeds (Rev
9:17-19) to the last man (Rev 19:21). He will then return triumphantly to
Jerusalem (Isa 63:1) where men will hail Him as “Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord” (Lk 13:35).

From the non-canonical writings (II Esdras 2:43) it appears that the
judgment of the righteous will be held at Jerusalem. He awards us our
crowns and our kingdoms there. Then the righteous depart to heaven, and the earth is burned (II Thes 1:7-9, II Pet 3:7). II Esdras 7:30 says that the world will then be in silence for 7 days. Afterward the resurrection of the nations and their Judgment (Mt 25:31ff) occurs. Thereafter the saved of the nations enter the new earth (Rev 3:21), and heaven, New Jerusalem, comes down from above the heavens to join the earth (Rev 21:1-3). New Jerusalem, heaven, will be the abode of the saints for ever (Rev 22:5). Christ will lead them in and out of there to their kingdoms (pasture) on the new earth (Jn 10:9). Christ will rule over the earth in peace for ever (Ezek 37:24-28), and God will then be all in all (I Cor 15:28). Christ will be our elder brother in one sense (Rom 8:29), and we will be married to Him as His bride in another (Eph 5:32). The earth will be a place of fatness and plenty (Jer 31:12-14). There will be no more curse (Rev 22:3). Wild animals will not harm any more (Isa 11:6).It will be a wonderful time for ever. I above all things want to get
there. I pray God that I will be successful in overcoming evil in my life
and that I will make it to the abode that God desires for me.

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Bible student for 60 years. Preacher of the gospel for over 40 years. Author of commentary on Revelation, All Power to the Lamb. Married with children. Worked in aerospace and computer engineering for over 40 years.
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