The Type of the Promised Land

There is no parallel between God giving the childen of Israel the Land
of Canaan for ever and our promised rest if the Jews do not ever keep
it forever (Isa 60:21). If they get it and lose it, it is parallel to
us going to heaven and then getting booted out. Since they have not
yet gotten it forever (Lev 18:24, 20:22), the promise is yet to be
fulfilled. Their receiving the land, and then getting booted out is
parallel to us as Christians receiving the promise of salvation and
then willfully sinning (walking in darkness) and then getting booted
out of fellowship with God. Just like God promised the children of
Israel that they would get to come back if they repented of their sin,
so we get to come back to God if we get tired of wandering in the
wilderness of sin and desire rest from the burning waste (Ezk 33:11).
Once we get to heaven, there is never again any danger of us getting
booted out of our land of promise (Mt 25:46). In Enoch it even
mentions God sending forth the angels with cords and tying the
righteous to God (En 61:3). These cords stabilize the righteous so
that they will not drift away from the living God. I sure wish I had
one of these cords now, but they apparently are not given out until we
get our new bodies. Just like Israel will dwell in their Promised
Land for ever in the new earth, even so the sons of God will dwell in
heaven (New Jerusalem) for ever.

When you think about Israel dwelling in their land for ever, it is
actually a type that can never be completed, because “for ever” has no
end. It will of necessity be in parallel with the sons of God
inhabiting heaven because both of them are endless abodes.
Consequently, Abraham and his children have dual abodes. One abode is
in the physical land of Israel that God has promised to Abraham and
his Seed for ever (Gen 17:8). Some strangers from among the nations
will also inherit among them (Ezk 47:23). The everlasting inheritance
of the land by Abraham and his Seed will be in the new restored earth
(Acts 7:5, II Pet 3:13). At that time Abraham gets the land God
promised him for ever. Because he is also a son of God, he also
inherits in New Jerusalem (Mt 8:11). He will have a place there along
with all the redeemed (Jn 14:1-3). Because the sons of God are
married to Christ (Eph 5:32) and thus one with Christ (I Cor 12:12),
we inherit the same promises to Abraham as the Seed does. Some of us
who are not physically of Israel but are strangers will also inherit
the physical Promised Land as well as Abraham and his promised Seed.
Thus the type of Israel inheriting the land will be carried out, even
as God has faithfully promised.

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Bible student for 60 years. Preacher of the gospel for over 40 years. Author of commentary on Revelation, All Power to the Lamb. Married with children. Worked in aerospace and computer engineering for over 40 years.
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